Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rules Of Life (Wardina Safiyyah) and MOI POV

1. You will have to feel pain and sadness. Don't worry because it's normal
It's definitely hard to totally accept or should i say redha for everything that happen to us. Pain and Sadness are two feelings I personally deal from a very young age and I still sometimes experience those emotion. Sometimes, my sister says i'm over reacting but i think it's normal to be emotional sometimes and it's definitely OKAY to cry.

2. You will fall for someone you shouldn't. Slap your face and step back into reality
Sometimes when you think you are in love it's hard to remain objectives, to see clearly his or even her flaws. We are not talking about common flaws here. We are  talking  about flaws that bring us further from our creator. I think i won't go into details because every girl in a new relationship know how menacing, cunning and manipulative guys can be. So, the lesson i took from my previous acquaintances is when he pulls you from Allah, RUN as hard as you could.

3. You will have to experience failure and humiliation. It's for you to learn and become better afterwards.
+100 to that! Failure and humiliation especially the ones which reminds us how small and frail we are is benefiting. They remind us of our flaws and hence evoke the wants for betterment of self. Past sins no matter big or small should never be forgotten. Yes, indeed Allah is the most forgiving but we are forgetful creature. We have the tendency to repeat our wrongdoings once we forget the humiliation from our sins. I always look back and the humiliation i feel makes me a better muslim. InsyaAllah

4. You will at one point not know something. So, learn!
Knowledge is not restricted to Dunya. My knowledge of my Deen is restricted. Though  sometimes i do feel embarrassed but it's crucial that i ask questions and again, it's okay to not know but you have to learn.

5. If you don't exercise, you'll grow fat
LOL! A good one indeed. However, as Kevin Zahri always point out, losing weight is 80% dieting and 20% exercise. A very hard thing to do

6. If you don't read good literature, your mind will go rusty
So, i have to find some balance between writing and my korean stuff to include something reading in my activity list. I do miss curling up and reading a good book. I now own 3 unread books. Sigh

7. If you don't do your Solah, you don't have a right to live
Rightfully so! We are here for Allah. A reminder to yours truly. Solah is crucial to your life as breathing is an indicator of whether you are dead or alive. Without Solah we are actually a soulless zombie.

8. When you stay with bad company, you'll be just as rotten
Beware of who you chose to be with you. I try as much to avoid those who backstab, pick on people, talking behind people's back and those who curse shamelessly. I think if they do this without any shame or remorse later, they are not good for you. so, stay away from them.  be nice but never befriend those who inflict pain on others.
9. You are what you do, not what you say you do
One more reminder to moi. Stop bragging! Talk less and Do more. Talking bring nothing, Doing is what counts.

10. We are all going to die one day, we all want to be happy. So, be kind and live a life that matters.
Our aim should not to look pretty, to be rich, to be married and whats not. Our aim should be to please Allah, to have a place in Jannah, to be able to be with  Prophet Muhammad SAW. Isn't it a shame if the Prophet doesn't recognize you as his ummat at the hereafter?

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