Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Journey

Life is actually a journey. A journey which has been put upon us by the Almighty to test us. To see if we can live our lives as how it should be (as a Muslim of course).

I am born a Muslim and bred as a Malay (notice the difference). Yes! Being a Muslim and being a Malay is a totally different thing. In this country, if you are a Malay then you are a Muslim but if you are a Muslim you may or may not be a Malay (headache huh?)

It is sad to say that being a good Malay doesn't mean that you are a good Muslim. I myself was not a good Muslim until I enrolled in a religious boarding school. There, I learnt a lot about Islam and I practice Islam though not by choice as i did all that because it's the rule of the school.

Same with all things forced I stopped practicing Islam when I tasted some freedom when I was in my university days. Those were the dark days but I won't say I was no longer Muslim. I have never doubted Allah's existence. It's just I'm being stupid and ignorant. Too consumed with the pleasures of Dunya.

Alhamdulillah. After years of feeling anxious, incomplete and in darkness, I've return to my roots. Not Malay but Islam. It's still a process but a major Alhamdulillah. It's true Allah's love is the best. Be close to Him and you'll feel tremendous joy as He has promised in His Holy Quran

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