Thursday, September 12, 2013

Langkah Bendul

It was at a kenduri where as usual womwnfolk were busy with the dishes, the gifts and of course the gossiping

Their eyes were too busy scrutinizing the girl who sat alone away from the crowd. Whispers woven with pity and disgust were passed freely

The girl clad in white selendang smiled though she felt like running away from those wicked eyes

"So, this is the sister who will receive the langkah bendul presents?" Finally a makcik in a red lipstick could not contain her nosiness

"No wonder you find it hard to find your jodoh dear. You have too much fat for your own good." Laughing, she said the words without a pinch of guilt

Though her eyes were brimming with hot tears, the girl smiled, excused herself and walked away, feeling so little despite her enormous shame and self

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