Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An Inspiring Talk

Take a listen to this amazing young woman. She has a very positive outlook on life despite her circumstances. From this talk alone, I learn 3 things.

As soon as I heard this question, I decide to look deep within me. I came out with 2 answers. Before this healing process of mine, I would say I let my mistakes define me. My self esteem was none existent and in my own eyes I am not worth living

But then, I realised something. I am made by Allah as the best of His creation. So, there's must be something good in me or something good will come out of me. I am still clueless of what it may be but as long as I hold on to Allah, I have the most firm hold ever existed. Hence, I promise myself to dig deeper, heal myself and I would never again let my mistakes define me

Verily, Allah is the most merciful and most forgiving

Lizzie becomes this amazing person because her support system is superb. I on the other hand had to look high and low for a good support system. I may not have it from my own family but thank goodness that I now have friends who in a way see my pain and guide me to a more healthier path. They borrow me books, the share their life with and they are willing to listen when I need to say something. I also seek help from a NGO regarding my mental state and they help! Tremendously!

I learn that I am the only person other than God that have power over my life. Only me can turn something bad to something good. Only me can shape myself into an amazing, strong woman. Only me can stop this pain. Only me and Allah

So, dearies! Listen, learn and heal

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