Tuesday, February 28, 2012

11 Random Things

I think i've been tagged by a dear friend of mine whose name is also Nonie (guess all nonies are great huh?) kekekke. So, here goes!

Rules of this tagging game:
1.) Post 11 Random things about yourself
2.) Answer the tagged questions
3.) Create 11 questions for the people you tag to answer

11 Random Things about Yours Truly

1. 1 am a muslim

2. i'm a hopeless romantic

3. my circle of BFF and family are my core

4. i'm very girly

5. i love reading, writing and singing (though i'm not a good singer)

6. i wanted to a gynae but i am now something else

7. i am funny, loves to laugh

8. i love everything korean (well except their harsh judgement towards others)

9. i'm a good listener and motivator

10. i love rings and bracelets

11. i need to lose weight (lol)

My 11 answer

1.Your full name?
kekekkeke...well dear i'll tell mine if you tell me yours ;p

2. How your life describes you?
herm....i'm not sure how to answer this. But, i sure think my life is full of ups and downs and everyday is a day of learning. My life has make me the person i am today, which is complicated :)

3. What is the most regret things you've done?
putting my trust in man who didn't appreciate it

4. Are you happy?
now? yes!

5. What makes you smile recently?
a compliment from someone

6. When is the last time you cry? why?
last 2 days because the guilt of my past just too overwhelming to bear

7. Who is the last person you say 'Thank You' to?
one of my boys at my workplace. he helped carry my things

8. What will you do if it is a last day for you to alive?
tell my dad that i don't hate him. it's just there's too much pain that it's easier to be a bit distant

9. What other language would you like to learn?

10. What is the last book you read?
A Doctor In The House

11. Will you tagged this to other?
herm..maybe. i don't really know

Now, the tagging part. I don't have anyone to tag but if there are readers out there, here's my questions
1. who influence you the most?
2. what is the best book you ever read?
3. what is the song that tells your life's philosophy
4. when is the last time you smile? why?
5. what's your favorite food?
6. what do you think of world peace?
7. if you can be someone else for one day, who will it be?
8. which country you would like to visit soon?
9. do have an ideal guy?
10. give me your two cents about respect and understanding among religions
11. do you like korean stuff?