Sunday, October 21, 2012

Missing That ONE Person

It has been years. Ten to be exact. Throughout that painful period of time, not a year went by without me missing you. It may not be everyday but it's definitely every year.

This year, that day is today. I see you at everywhere I go. The school counselor's notice board, in the papers, the pictures I saw on the web, everywhere.

You are no longer in my dreams. Maybe last year's was definitely your last message for me but this longing that I feel is sometimes unbearable.

I know. You told me you are okay and I too should be okay and I AM okay. I just. I don't know what to say. I don't know why am I so stuck with you. I guess I just love you so damn much!

It hurts to love you, to miss you, to want to see you, to want to speak to you, to want to know how are you holding up.

Yes! It's pointless. I get it. Myself told me years ago that you've gone. So, there's no need for such a show of affection and believe me. I do try to be normal. I do try to let go of you but it's hard for am so infatuated with you.

Whatever! I just want to say I MISS YOU. You are safe in Allah's hand and the ONLY thing that I can do for you now is reciting Al-Fatihah

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Beauty is a state every woman wants to be at. We spend huge amount of money buying all sorts of beauty product so that we look fairer,slimmer and smell nicer.

The definition of beauty is somewhat tainted by men as men only see women with fair complexion,slim figure are beautiful. More than that, nowadays the definition has widen to big boobs with pink nipple, pink lips and perhaps fair down-under.

So, again we scrambled to finding the next best thing to a breast argumentation procedure, magic drug that can tighten your south part and many other aspect of our body that we never seem to be satisfied with.

Sisters! Beauty is so much more that what men have prescribe

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hidup Di Jalan Allah

Sesunggahnya hidup di jalan Allah itu manis kerana telah tercatat di dalam Al-Quran yang BARANG SIAPA YANG CUKUP DENGAN ALLAH MAKA MEREKA TIDAK AKAN MERASA SEDIH.

Tapi untuk mencapai tahap kemanisan iman adalah suatu JIHAD. Ia nya sukar. Penuh dengan godaan NAFSU dan BISIKAN SYAITAN.

Monolog ini adalah untuk saya dan untuk kamu juga. Terima kasih kerana singgah sebentar di blog ini