Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Count your sins towards me
Know that my pain is limitless
And forgiveness is hard to come by

I'm cutting ties
Hoping this is the end
To a decade of misery
Leaving everything in God's hand

I no longer hate you
I am not longer angered
I seek only repentance and love
A sign that you regretted your cruelty

If ever you decide to be a man
Come and admit your transgression
I'll give you another chance
For I believe there's an uncovered goodness
In that heart of yours

In the mean  time old friend
I pray that you'll pray
Soft my heart is
And forgive you I might


  1. I've always find it is dificult to forgive but sometimes it's much more easier that hating...

    1. it will always be hard to not hate someone who has done so much damage to your heart. i will always try to sincerely forgive those who have wronged me

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